Dr. Caren Caty

Dr. Caren Caty is a licensed community clinical psychologist educated in the renowned Ph.D. program for Multicultural Community-Clinical Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology. Some of Dr. Caty's roles in the community include clinical psychologist, clinical supervisor, researcher, editor, clinic director, program developer, professor, and consultant on a variety of projects ranging from television documentaries to motion picture scripts and business environments.  Dr. Caty is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California (PSY21436 & LMFT36383).

Dr. Caty founded Advanced Psychological Solutions, Inc., creating and implementing school-based mental wellness programs aimed at providing solutions to mental health issues seen in school-aged youth.  Included in the school-based programs are intervention manuals and training videos for clinicians to use in their work with trauma-exposed youth.

Dr. Caty's interest in merging psychology and technology led her to develop audio and video apps designed to promote positive thinking and relaxation practices. She designed the website to share some of what she has learned from providing thousands of hours of therapy and to offer apps and programs supporting emotional well-being.

In 1999, Dr. Caty received the APPLE Award (Appreciation for People who Promote Learning Excellence) from the Los Angeles Board of Education for developing and implementing school-based mental wellness programs. Dr. Caty is highly experienced with the complex functioning of school environments through  firsthand experience.  She has personally provided thousands of hours of clinical service at school sites addressing students’ difficulties with attention, concentration, school adjustment, transitions, attendance, conduct/behavior, delinquency, peer relations, anxiety, depression, trauma, loss, and acculturation, in school children of all ages, leading to positive outcomes for students such as improved school adjustment, academic performance, and safer, healthier school environments. In addition, Dr. Caty has provided clinical supervision to many psychology interns who provide clinical services to children and families in schools, clinics, and private practice settings.

Dr. Caty utilizes a community-clinical framework inclusive of the client’s culture and circumstances and has served diverse populations of all ages throughout Los Angeles county since 1994, including working directly with clients and patients in schools (kindergarten through university levels), mental health clinics, and medical hospitals. Dr. Caty has worked extensively with trauma-exposed youth, disadvantaged youth, immigrant and refugee populations.

As Clinic Director and Program Director of a large Los Angeles county contracted mental health clinic, Dr Caty advocated for wide-spread use of school-based mental health programs while serving on the committee involved in the development of the Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) plan (Mental Health Services Act passed by California voters).

Dr. Caty held the position of adjunct professor at Phillips Graduate Institute (PGI) from 2005-2011, teaching Clinical Supervision, Group Dynamics, Professional Writing, Writing for Publication, and School-Based Mental Health Issues and Interventions with Children, and served as editor of the PGI scholarly journal, Progress. In 2004 she received the Emory L. Cowen Award for the Promotion of Wellness from the American Psychological Association for her research demonstrating the efficacy of school-based group psychotherapy in improving psychological well-being and academic performance with students. She currently serves as a Senior Fellow and National Ambassador for the American Humane Association and the Children’s Innovations Institute.

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