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Coming November 2018  Educational Apps and Programs ~ fun for individuals or groups to practice relaxation and positive thinking...


Inspirational & Empowering Apps

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Relaxation Apps For All Ages

Practicing breathing exercises and guided imagery can relax your mind and help you cope with life's stressful challenges.

Kids Corner Video App

Through interactive learning experiences children are encouraged to find the best in themselves, all while having fun.


Crystal Castle

Use your imagination to help you feel safe and relaxed. Close your eyes and Dr. Caty will guide you to the Crystal Castle where peace and calm can be found.


Out of This World  

Travel through space and capture happy words and positive affirmations and enjoy a positive state of mind. Ages 4-8




Belly Breathing

(diaphragmatic breathing)

Deep breathing practice can put your body in a calm state.





Clear Crystal Body Relaxation

 Fill your body with warmth and relaxation.





Body Relaxation

Release tension in your muscles.





J While research demonstrates breathing exercises can promote a more relaxed brain and body, please consult with your physician before trying these exercises if you are not in good health.



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