Meet Dr. Caren Caty!

Dr. Caty provides educational information offering support to parents and guardians, children, teenagers, schools, and clinicians aimed at promoting emotional well-being.

Her award-wining mental wellness programs provide a support network for young people at their school site that includes parents and guardians, school personnel, mental health clinicians, and friends.

PASSAGES (positive attitude supports solutions awareness growth education success):

  ● Comprehensive school-based mental health program-Safety Net.

  ● Step-by-step instruction manual for use by clinicians with trauma-exposed children and adolescents.

  ● Apps designed to promote positive attitude and relaxation for all ages.

  ● Educational material for families, schools, and clinicians.

  ● Clinical training videos with trauma-exposed youth.

  ● Community forum on youth-related issues.

  ● Guided imagery apps.

  ● Interactive youth activities.


Divorce: Caring for the Children

Military Families: Deployment

● Divorce: Helping Children Cope

● Divorce: Helping Teens Cope

Trauma-Exposed Students

● Helping Military Families




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