Mental health professionals (clinicians) are a vital resource to schools. When children and adolescents experience emotional distress and behavioral difficulties that interfere with their social and emotional development, and their ability to learn, a qualified mental health specialist can provide interventions aimed at improving psychological well-being and adaptive functioning.

There are a wide variety of interventions available to clinicians working with youth at the school site. Individual, family, group therapy, play therapy, and conflict resolution are among the most frequently utilized therapeutic modalities.

 A school campus can provide an opportunity for clinicians to work with diverse populations and include family members and school personnel in a child's treatment.  

When schools partner with clinicians to provide psychological support for students in distress, this can lead to a safer healthier school environment and life-enhancing outcomes for young people.  

Considerations for clinicians providing school-based mental health services

Providing clinical services on a school campus can be challenging.

Make appropriate referrals to services in the community that may benefit

    your clients and seek supervision when needed.

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