During the elementary school years  children experience rapid social, emotional, and intellectual growth. As they venture into the outside world, feelings of self-worth are tested while they seek to fit in to a group of their peers.

During this phase of development, children become capable of performing increasingly complex tasks and need to cope with new social and academic demands. As a result, they strive to master new skills. As children gradually increase the amount of time spent away from the family, they develop peer relationships, make friends, deal with teasing by peers, manage conflict, and develop empathy for others.

Children who are encouraged by parents, guardians, and teachers develop a sense of competence and belief in their skills. Those who receive little or no encouragement from parents, guardians, teachers, or peers will doubt their ability to be successful and can develop low self-esteem.

Two affirmations to convey to children ages six to twelve years

● You can learn how to manage challenges and frustration.

We love you even when we disagree.

● Divorce: Helping Children Cope

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