Schools play an important role in helping to identify children and adolescents in distress. Teachers, faculty and staff are often the first to notice signs that a child is in need of help. Interventions promoting social and emotional support and positive relationships can connect young people with positive peers and adults leading to an increase in academic involvement, social and emotional competencies, and a positive outlook.

When schools offer mental health care to students and families not only are they making mental health care more accessible, they are reducing the stigma associated with mental health, creating a safer and healthier school environment for all.

Educators agree that the Safety Net School-Based Social and Emotional Wellness Program developed by Dr. Caren Caty at Advanced Psychological Solutions is one of the most important programs to emerge in the field of education, providing a missing link in the development and education of children.

The Safety Net School-Based Social and Emotional Wellness Program has demonstrated that it helps parents and children adopt positive attitudes toward school and academic achievement and reduces emotional distress that can interfere with a child’s ability to learn.


Trauma-Exposed Students

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